Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family Day: Please Touch Museum

I recently found a Groupon deal for tickets to the Please Touch Museum. Admission for four, plus four carousel rides for just $48! I knew I had to jump on this deal. And I'm glad I did it. Both girls were able to enjoy themselves, and learn on their own levels. I was very impressed to see that there were staff members at every station, ready to interact with, and help visitors. Also, the entire museum was very accessible for visitors with special needs. There were wide open aisles and ramps to allow for easy access, as well as several quiet areas for visitors who may be easily overwhelmed by all that is going on. Children could burn off some energy by running in a human hamster wheel, or quietly color and play in a sensory bin full of rice. Visitors of all ages, ability levels, and needs were considered when planning the museum and its features.
The centers themselves ranged from transportation, to water play, physics, community, Alice In Wonderland, and others. Annabelle loved playing in the food truck in the transportation center, and we all loved launching rockets, learning about physics and air pressure. The only center Hazel struggled to enjoy was the water play. The tables were too high for her to reach, even though there was a shorter table in the middle for younger guests. In the future, we may request a milk crate or step stool to help her play with her peers. There were plenty of other areas that she could enjoy with little or no help.

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