Friday, February 6, 2015

Groundhog's Day

This week, we learned all about Punxatawney Phil, and his special day, Groundhog's Day. Annabelle learned through gross motor games, work sheets, and projects. It was a very successful week. Here are the activities we did.

Wake Up Groundhog Game

What you need:

  • Large Blanket
  • Light Switch

How To Play:

Wrap child up in a blanket, and instruct her to hibernate. "Good night, groundhog Annabelle. Enjoy your hibernation!"

  • Leave the light on, or turn it off.
  • Shout: "Wake up, wake up groundhog [insert child's name]. Today's your special day!"
  • Child pops up from blanket, and looks for her shadow.
  • If the light is on, she sees her shadow, and hides away for six more weeks.
  • If the light is off, she does not see her shadow, and she jumps up, proclaiming that Spring is here.
This game can be adapted for a group of preschoolers, by allowing all the children to hide under their blankets, and choosing one groundhog. The other children wait to hear the groundhog's proclamation. Children can take turns being the groundhog, or even the Mayor who wakes the groundhog from her sleep.

Lego Shadows

What you will need:

  • Legos
  • Flashlight
  • Large paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers or crayons
  • Grey or black paint

Hazel enjoyed playing with Annabelle's tower

What do to:

  • Instruct child to by build a tower with her Legos
  • Turn the lights out and demonstrate how you can move the flashlight around the tower to change the size of the shadow.
  • Allow child to do the same, and choose where she wants the shadow to lay on the paper.
  • While the child holds the flashlight in place, trace the shadow on paper.
  • Then, lay the tower down and trace.
  • Allow child to color in the tower, and paint the shadow.


What you need:

  • Large paper and easel
  • Adjustable light source
  • Pencil, crayons

What to do:

  • Instruct child to sit still by the easel and trace her shadow silhouette
  • Allow her to color it in

Groundhog tunnels

What you need:

  • Tunnels, boxes, blankets, or whatever you come up with to create your tunnel

What to do:

  • Play! 
The girls had so much fun chasing each other through the tunnels, playing peek-a-boo, and just being silly. Hazel even discovered that she can sit up in the tunnel.

For Annabelle's worksheets, I found these templates, and printed out about a dozen of them. I'm sure I will be making more copies, and using them as her handwriting improves, and she begins to tell more stories. For this activity, she practiced writing the letters "W" and "S", as well as writing the words "Winter" and "Spring". After practicing handwriting, she drew what she likes to do in the Winter, and what she likes to do in the Spring. She drew a picture of herself making snow angels and grass angels. She also drew herself having a picnic and eating an apple in the Spring. And yes, she did use a yellow marker for the snow.