Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Update & First Times

I shared in a previous post that I have a Summer to-do list that I created with Annabelle in mind. I felt like I hadn't completed anything on my list. I felt like I has already failed, and I would never complete all of the tasks. So, I read it over. And guess what!? We did more than I realized. We have caught fireflies, read several books, made s'mores, met with friends with a picnic.
And today, Annabelle got her first haircut!
I was excited for it until this morning. My baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She is really going to do this. She is going to get her hair trimmed.
I opened the door to the small purple building, and guided Annabelle up the step, and into the salon. We were greeted right away with a friendly, "What can we do for you today?"
Before I could even open my mouth to answer, a small voice answered for me, "I need my haircut. But just leave it on my shoulders." Annabelle flipped her hair back, as she answered her hairdresser so kindly. I chuckled at my miniature teenager.
Our hairdresser was amused as well, and made small talk about what a talker Annabelle is.
When it was her turn, Annabelle waltzed right up to the chair, and hopped onto the booster seat.
Has she done this before?
I bright yellow cape, adorned with colorful monsters was draped around her, and fastened on the tightest snap.
Annabelle smiled through the whole process, barely moving a muscle. She loved the special attention, and compliments on how pretty she looked. I couldn't be more proud of her.
And her haircut was perfect.
She didn't lose too much length: just cleaned up the ends, and added the slightest little bit of layering.
At the end, Annabelle was presented with a certificate, which I will keep forever. I'm not usually attached to things like that, but this was a special moment.
I want to thank Jenn from Drangonflies Salon for Annabelle's wonderful haircut, and such a friendly experience. They offer haircuts for children at $1 per their age. So, Annabelle's haircut was only $2. You can't beat those prices. But more important than price, is the atmosphere.
Stay tuned for more Summer updates coming soon!

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