Thursday, March 5, 2015

Goodbye Winter

As Winter waves farewell with one last (hopefully) snow storm, we are stuck inside once again. Usually, we would do winter-themed crafts and embrace the falling snow. But not any more. We have had enough snow and Winter-y crafts this year. And it's March!
So we said our goodbyes to Winter by greeting Spring with some fun crafts.

First, we made some fun fork-printed tulip flowers. For Annabelle's tulip garden, I drew the flower stems, so she knew where to print the flowers. For Hazel's, I let her stamp freely, and added the stems later.
Annabelle had to take a quick break from doing her project to talk on the phone though. Grandmom called.
Our next project was popcorn cherry blossoms. I traced each of their hands onto a piece of brown paper and cut it out to use as the tree. Annabelle did a great job gluing the popcorn onto her tree. Hazel, on the other hand, was upset that I wouldn't let her eat the popcorn that had glue on it. I couldn't resist that little pout, so I just let her have a little snack.
And just like that, all was well in Hazel's world.

For our third project, Annabelle did a number matching activity, gluing leaves to carrots.  The carrots were numbered 1-5 and glued randomly to a piece of paper. Annabelle was then instructed to identify the numbers, and glue the correct number of leaves to each one.
While she did that, Hazel played with a container of magnetic  letters and a cookie sheet. I love using these Pamper's wipe containers, as they also allowed her to practice fine-motor skills, sliding each letter into the small hole at the top.
We hope you all enjoyed one last snow day this year. Spring will be here soon, and so will more fun activities. We cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the park, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and more.


  1. Great activities! Looks like they had a lot of fun, especially after Hazel had her snack! ;-)

    1. They both had a blast. Annabelle is definitely my artsy kid. Almost every day, it's "what are we going to make today?" I love it. And if she's not asking about art projects or coloring, she's looking for her pencil so she can do school. Homeschooling her is going to be an adventure for sure.

  2. Those are great activities! I'm going to have to steal some of that for Nate!

    1. I'll try to post more arts and crafts. I need to do a full morning of crafts with Annabelle, rather than just one a day. She insists on doing several in a row. This took about an hour to do everything, and she was still hungry for more.